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Read what other mamas are saying...

surprised baby

Mama of 6 month old Abigail

"Kaylee is knowledgeable and quick to respond. She also showed she cared for my baby by offering gentle suggestions when "life happened". As a sleep deprived mom of two, I was unable to come up with a solid plan to get my baby sleeping through the night- but Kaylee did that for me. Plus, she gave me daily reminders of the plan for each night so I didn't have to think about it! She made this process as easy as it could be and now our whole family is getting more sleep thanks to her knowledge and care!"

Mama of 10 month old twins, Isabella and Jordan

"When I connected with Kaylee, my twins would only nurse to sleep, had inconsistent naps, and would wake frequently through the night. Kaylee helped me find a sleep schedule that worked with my crazy daily routine. She was always available when I had questions or needed support. The twins now fall asleep independently and sleep through the night! She really went above and beyond what we expected!"

Image by Mindy Olson P

Mama of 4 month old Avery

"In just a week, Kaylee helped me get my baby sleeping through the night with only one feeding! Before we met Kaylee, Avery was waking every 3 hours for a feed and her naps were rare. I have two other kids who go to school so it was hard finding the time to let her nap. I'm so thankful for Kaylee's expertise and passion for helping me!"