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Learn when, where, and how to start using a bedtime routine to transition your baby from play to sleep - I include a step-by-step routine that you can begin implementing tonight!

Hi, I'm Kaylee! I am a mom of two and a proud graduate of The Cradle Coach Academy! This means I'm the real deal having completed over 200+ hours of in-depth education and training, over 50 hours of working with real families prior to earning my certification in Pediatric Sleep Coaching. and most importantly I complete continued education courses yearly to ensure I give families the most recent up-to-date information.

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"When I connected with Kaylee, my twins would only nurse to sleep, had inconsistent naps, and would wake frequently through the night. Kaylee helped me find a sleep schedule that worked with my crazy daily routine. She was always available when I had questions or needed support. The twins now fall asleep independently and sleep through the night! She really went above and beyond what we expected!"

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