A Toddler and a Baby

Are you ready to take back your nights and naptime?

What it's like to work with me...

- Complete 15-minute assessment call

- Make your purchase 

- Fill out and submit intake questionnaire (this helps me get to know your child)

- Allow 2-3 days for me to build your child's sleep plan

- Complete your training call to go over the plan together.

- Decide when you would like to start your first day of support and begin implementing the sleep plan

- Use your support days for advice, questions, and help from me directly.

- Wrap-up our time together

- Use your follow up support if needed

- Take back your "me-time". 

Sleeping Like a Baby

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I  am a proud graduate of The Cradle Coach Academy! This means I'm the real deal having completed over 200+ hours of in-depth education and training, over 50 hours of working with real families prior to earning my certification in Pediatric Sleep Coaching. and most importantly I complete continued education courses yearly to ensure I give families the most recent up-to-date information.

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