Newborn Sleep




Have you ever wished that babies came with manuals? Well, these days they kinda do! Within my Newborn Guide you will learn how to help your baby adjust to life earth-side with gentle, responsive solutions, support, and strategies.

In the Newborn Guide you will learn about newborn feeding and sleep expectations, how to establish health sleep habits and routines, soothing techniques, transitions from sleep spaces and swaddles, and so much more!




Whether you are a first-time mom or a seasoned mom, the Newborn Bundle will help you establish healthy sleep habits and routines with your newborn, lay the foundations for a great sleeper beyond now, and feel supported through the fourth trimester!

The Newborn Bundle includes:

  • Complimentary Newborn Guide that covers everything you will need to know during the first 12 weeks of your baby's life

  • Nursery Assessment to help you set up the perfect sleep environment

  • Limited weekly support for 12 weeks